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After the rain

The spectator is immersed in a virtual reality that breaks with his natural and physical environment.
Successive planes, changes of rhythm and colors deliberately act on senses in a contrasting way.
This installation intends to induce in the public a loss of bearings and thus promote a unique and inclusive experience.

Video (color, stereo sound), media player, screen or projector. Dimensions variable, landscape orientation, 32/9 ratio, 4K
4 min, loop
CGI and animation: Caroline Benech
Sound: Arnaud Mommenceau


after the rain, audiovisual installation, 2022
after the rain, image 00004, 2022 after the rain, image 00415, 2022 after the rain, image 03199, 2022 after the rain, image 04847, 2022 after the rain, image 07089, 2022


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